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In 2010, I combined my background in anthropology, humanitarian aid, and dance, and started “World Dance for Humanity,” a charitable organization based in Santa Barbara, California. My goal was to turn ordinary dance classes into something extraordinary: a community of people reaching beyond themselves to make a real change in the world.


We offer low-cost dance classes to people of all ages and abilities, combining a wide range of easy dance moves with great music from around the world. All class proceeds and donations go to impoverished communities where a small amount of money can inspire hope and change lives, and where we can develop deep connections to the people we serve. Through the years we have funded grassroots projects in Nepal, Guatemala, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, and Uganda. 


Since 2013, we have been focused on Rwanda, where we are helping 12,000 people in 28 rural cooperatives left divided and destitute by the 1994 Genocide. ​We provide the co-ops with goats and cows, farmland, stipends for students, training in agriculture, business, and leadership, and start-up funds for community-run businesses. Our model is grounded in collaboration, trust, and transparency. Our four-person Rwanda team works on a very personal level with the co-op members, helping them envision and plan their projects so they can lift themselves out of poverty and own their transformation. Our daily communication with the team and annual visits to the co-ops give us a deep connection with the communities. We are witnessing an extraordinary transformation as these people acquire the resources, skills, and confidence they need to move beyond their tortured past, believe in each other, and create a sustainable livelihood together.


Visit our website to learn more:

Everyone is welcome to take our dance classes!


Zoom classes are Sunday, Monday, and Thursday at 10:00am PST (7:00pm in Kosova). Login: 


Follow our classes on YouTube anytime: World Dance on YouTube

World Dance Photo Collection

Videos of our work:

World Dance in Rwanda

World Dance Classes & Activities

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