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Kosova Ethno-Tour 2024 

With Anthropologist Janet Reineck, PhD

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Janet Reineck, Trip Leader: "I lived in Kosova for eight years, as an anthropologist in the 1980s and as an aid worker in the 1990s. I love the Albanian people, their culture, their land, and want to share the Kosova experience with others! Last July, I organized the first Kosova Ethno-Tour, a journey of discovery into this little-known region with a group of 12 travelers. It was a wonderful trip – 10 invigorating days in the mountains of Opoja and Rugova, a deep dive into the culture. We're planning an expedition this summer to explore this exotic, beautiful place, the newest country in Europe. I know Kosova well, I know its people and they know me, and I can guarantee a bounty of enriching experiences."

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Ken Olcott, 2023 Traveler: “Janet led us on a wonderful immersion into the true heart of Kosovo. We were privileged to experience the generous hospitality of her friends as they welcomed us into their lives and celebrations, hosted us in their homes and lodges, shared their unique traditions of food, music, and dance, and led us through beautiful landscapes. We joined people celebrating the joy of their homeland through weddings, and enjoyed relaxed times in village cafes and marketplaces, and mountain retreats. You could not see this unique, young country (2008), with its beloved traditions and heritage, with a better guide than Janet: dancer/ethnologist and Kosova goodwill ambassador."

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Click here to see Dance Moments from the 2023 Trip

Please fill in this form if you are interested in the 2024 Kosova Ethno-Tour

(If you don't hear back from me within a few hours of submitting your form, or you have any questions, please email me:

DATES: 14 days, July 23rd to August 5th

Note: You can arrive/leave a bit earlier or later if you need to. This is a good trip to combine with other European destinations!

ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE (negotiable): $1,000 double room / $1,200 single room

The cost of the trip (including lodging, delicious & healthy food, transport, activities - not including airfare) is MUCH LESS what you would pay for any other tour - that's because we're not trying to make a profit from the trip.




  • Traditional village weddings 

  • Hiking, picnics with locals, exploring ethnographic treasures

  • Music, dancing, and muhabet (rich conversation)

  • Cooking demonstrations - Pita and fli

  • Balkan folkdance festival in the mountains of Opoja with groups from: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Türkiye, and Ukraine - we'll be dancing with the performers at the after-parties!

  • International folkdance festival in Vitia (eastern Kosova) with groups from: Chile, Columbia, Croatia, Greece, Italia, North Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Senegal, and Slovakia - we'll be spending part of our days with the dancers!

We'll be visiting these places:​

  • Opoja & Gora - Mountain valley on the Macedonian-Albanian border

  • Rugova Gorge - Spectacular scenery, mountain lodging

  • Has (rhymes with "toss") - Mountain region, customs unique among Albanians

  • Prizren - Historic town at the foot of the Sharr mountains

  • Gjakova - Picturesque town in western Kosova 

  • Vitia - The plains of east Kosova - Mother Theresa's church, outings with international dancers

Learn more about Kosova in my memoir: "An American Woman in Kosova"

Book review from Leah, Kosova Traveler 2023: “I just finished your book about Kosova and really loved it! I found it to be deeply informative regarding the nuances of culture and politics there. Other books I read about Kosova did not come close to helping me understand as your book did. I congratulate you for writing this beautiful memoir and I am impressed by your courage and strength in your life's work! The book made it clear to me why you are held in such high regard in Kosova and why so many people are so grateful to you. Your life and work there reflects the authentic love you have for that country and its people.”

Trip Highlights

Comments about the 2023 trip:

1 N'Bjeshke arlinda top_edited.jpg

Arlinda Shatri, Trip Assistant: “Sending love and appreciation to everyone in our 2023 group – thank you all for your sense of humor and love! It felt like having so much of American culture in one place from 12 people who all the time were ready to tell me about the USA. Experiencing the sound of drums and traditional Albanian music with you was something wonderful I will never forget. I was fascinated by the way you danced and felt the music. This was an amazing ethnographic experience for me. I look forward to meeting our 2024 group!"

Lucy Andrino: “The Kosova Ethno-Tour was like no other… it was SUPERB! I’d go again in a heartbeat! We were led by our dance teacher Janet Reineck, and Arlinda, a young Albanian woman who added to our experience. Janet’s book “An American Woman in Kosova” enticed me to go. Since Janet has so many friends from her years in Kosova, we were treated like family and people offered us such wonderful hospitality. It felt like everywhere we went we were treated like Rock Stars. We attended several mountain weddings filled with tradition, closeness of family, dance and music. It was an honor to meet Dushe and her family in Rugova - they were so welcoming!  It's a mountain area that reminded me of Yosemite. At the Balkan Dance Festival, dancers from 9 countries dazzled us with their performances! At the after-party Janet got the Ukrainians and groups from the other countries to dance with us. It was an extraordinary treat for all of us. She always makes it fun for all!”

1 N'Bjeshke arsim mike top_edited.jpg

Michael Matthews: “The trip was thrilling! The landscape of Kosovo was stunning. The live music was amazing, especially the Zurna (horns) and Lodra (drums). It was great watching the men dancing with pure joy and happiness, with deep attention to the rhythm, seeing the connection between them all, their grounded presence. The joy of the kids and the young men and laughing and sharing with them. Dancing with Janet and the Opoja Mayor– I was taken in by that. Seeing signs of the traditional ways women carry themselves, seeing them stand tall everywhere. Getting to go with Janet, to be let into their world based on her profound service and love and devotion to them was very special. And being treated like heroes from America, based on NATO’s intervention in 1999, was very moving.”

1 Opoja wedding leah top_edited.jpg

Leah Hurwitz: “The trip to Kosova with Janet was a phenomenal adventure. A unique opportunity to experience a culture with a guide who has lived there, has studied the culture in depth, is fluent in Albanian, and maintains intimate connections with friends and family there. I can appreciate that Janet is held in high esteem there for her continuing work to advance aid to the country. I felt honored to be given front row seats at the Folk Dance Festival due to her prominence. An extremely talented dancer, I loved watching Janet lead dances with the participants, as well as dancing with them myself, at the after party at the festival’s conclusion. Watching the dancers from the different Balkan countries dance with each other was inspiring, and gave me hope for a united world! Lastly, I sincerely enjoyed getting to know Janet, her assistant Arlinda (a Kosova native), and fellow travelers with whom I hope to remain in contact.”

1 Fest pose sukru top_edited.jpg

Sukru Icimsoy: “It's always a good idea to have a local guide to show you around a new place you are visiting. Which we had, a very knowledgeable one, Arlinda, along with Janet, our American tour leader who is an honorary citizen of the country. Wow! Did we get some treats! The tour turned out pretty much what we were told it would be like. The hotels we stayed in were great, service in the restaurants were excellent. The driver was good. The bunch of us who wanted to explore and have fun were great people, and we established new friendships to last a long time. Kosova tour with Janet is highly recommended!”

1 Rugova nature donnis LO_edited.jpg

Donnis Galvan: “What a lovely opportunity to be immersed directly into another world and feel the intimacy of the Albanian people directly via the deep personal connections Janet has with friends & family in Kosovo. I smile thinking about the warmth of the people we met, delicious food and the gorgeous wildflowers in the mountain settings withperfect unspoiled beauty for hiking.”

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