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Janet's Publications

  • Life's Rich Pageant by Janet Reineck - Lessons on Aid Work for Middlebury Institute of International Studies, 2016

Other Scholarship About Albanian Tradition and Change 

Seminal historical writings on Albanian tradition:​

  • "High Albania" by Edith Durham 1908

  • "Behind the Stone Walls" by Berit Backer 1979

For recent scholarhip on Kosova, see the work of Arsim Canolli, Carolin Leutloff Grandits, Eli Krasniqi, Isabel Ströhle, Lumnije Kadriu, Nita Luci, Noel Malcolm, Rozafa Berisha, Stephanie Sievers, and Tahir Latifi. Here is a small sampling:

  • "Behind Open Doors: Restaurants and Food Culture in Kosova" by Arsim Canolli 2014   LINK

  • "Changes and Continuities in the Kosovo Albanian Family following the War of 1998-1999: Isniq and Opoja” By Eli Krasniqi and Tahir Latifi  LINK

  •  "Seeking Independence: Making Nation, Memory and Manhood in Kosova" by Nita Luci 2014  LINK 


  • “The ‘Social Glue’ of Wedding Festivals in Kosovo's South: Linking the Village to Migration and Reshaping Gender and Social Relations” by Carolin Leutloff Grandits 2014  LINK

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