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Prishtina - Mother Teresa Cathedral

Mother Teresa was born to Albanian parents in Macedonia and is the pride of all Albanians. In 2005, Kosova’s beloved former President, Ibrahim Rugova, laid the foundation stone for The Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa in the center of Prishtina to honor Nëna Terezë, as she is known in Albanian. During our trip, Arsim took us to visit the Cathedral, a beautiful space and a cherished shrine to a sacred woman. We were present on the first night of the annual week of commemoration for Mother Teresa which begins August 26th (her birthday) and ends September 4th (the day she was canonized in 2016). We had the honor of sitting with Kosova’s religious leaders and the local nuns, meeting Prishtina’s Mayor, Përparim Rama, and spending time afterwards with Vehbi Miftari, senior advisor to Kosova’s President. It was wonderful sharing this important occasion with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

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